Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How deep is my love?

I know that you are not perfect and nor can I claim to be either. Sure, there are some things about you that upset me scare me, embarrass me and just plain piss me off, but the good things outweigh them infinitely. Please believe me, when I say that I want to be by your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and in the noon-tide, to be next to you, to be held close to your heart now and for the rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love for you out loud.

So, how deep is my love?

One look into your eyes and I'm hooked,
One smile from you and I melt,
One feel of your warmth and I get the chills,
One touch of you and you're all I think about,
One beat of your heart and mine beats twice as fast,
One touch of your body and I feel so secure,
One touch of your lips and I feel like you're mine forever,
One feel of your love and I feel like I am the only one for you.